How to Invest in Stocks: 5 Top Online Resources to Get You Started

As someone who is new to investing, your investment strategy and investment choices might include learning how to start investing online. In today’s technological age, it is the quickest and easiest way to begin investing, and all the resources you need are at your fingertips. 

From online brokers that provide you with a platform on where to do investing online, to websites and newsletters that offer you all the information pertinent to the stock market, the following five online resources can get you started and empower you with what you need to succeed.  

1. Ally Invest


When you learn how to invest in stocks online, it may sound a little bit complicated. However, with so many easy to use stock online broker platforms that are out there, anyone can easily grasp the concept of buying and selling on the stock market. This is a great thing, considering that the stock market averages an annual 10% return. 

One of the places you should consider opening an online brokerage account is Ally Invest. Ally doesn’t require an account minimum, so you can get started as soon as possible with no money in your account. Then, you can build your savings account as much as you want to buy shares in a company. The company charges $4.95 per trade. What you receive in return for paying that fee is a good amount of technical analysis, charts, data, analytical tools, and swift customer service when you need help. 

2. Betterment

Betterment is a popular online brokerage account provider that is also a robo-advisor. A robo-advisor is a stockbroker that shows you which trades to make based on a sophisticated algorithm. It is a highly logical way to invest and doesn’t take human error or bias into account. There is a .25% management fee, but a $0 account minimum. They provide goal-based tools that will help you meet your investment objectives as well as automatic rebalancing. One of the positives of this platform is that you can choose to make socially responsible trades. This is especially important for the needs of today and those who want to make sure they’re investing online in good causes.

3. Fidelity

Another resource for investing online is Fidelity. Fidelity is one of the best online brokers because they offer retirement planning, an easy to use online brokerage system, wealth management services, technical analysis, simple trading tools, and much more. It costs $4.95 per trade, and there is no account minimum, so you can easily get started. They also offer great customer service and their promotion is 300 commission-free trades with a qualifying deposit. This is similar to Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, TD Ameritrade, and Charles Schwab.  

The company is known for its robust mutual fund’s research as well as the option to invest in a wide variety of reputable mutual funds. If you have a low-risk tolerance, investing online in a mutual fund is going to be a better decision for you, since it carries less risk than investing in an individual stock and allows for a more diversified portfolioIf your job offers you to put your 401(k) into Fidelity or another company, make sure you take advantage of their retirement matching plan since that’s free money. For instance, perhaps if you invest 4% of every paycheck into your retirement fund, your employer will match it. Don’t miss out on doing that while you’re researching investing online.  


If you’re looking for a great place to learn about investing online that also offers free research, then head on over to Nasdaq provides ample information on online stock trading for beginners, including an up-to-date stock market overview, real-time quotes, basic and interactive charts, analyst activities like upgrades and downgrades, earnings surprises, and much more. They also have a large amount of information on investing online basics, a stock screener, and a personal finance section complete with articles on retirement planning, saving money, taxes, investments, and small business.  

One of the great trading tools they offer is the ability to put in a stock name and see how it’s currently performing, as well as how it’s done over time. Once you find a stock you are interested in investing in, you can plug it into Nasdaq’s tool and find out everything you need to know. No matter what financial situation you’re in or where you’re coming from, you can easily learn about investing online with Nasdaq. 

5. Learn More About Investing Online with Fast Fortune Club

Aside from Nasdaq, another place where you can find a vast amount of information and good research about investing online is by signing up for our Fast Fortune Club. Fast Fortune Club is a subscription-based newsletter that you’ll receive regularly in your inbox. When you open it, you’ll learn about things like online stock trading for beginners, the best stocks to invest in, what investments you can get in on before they dramatically increase, and how to build real wealth for retirement planning and beyond.  

Tom Gentile, an expert investor with decades of experience, runs Fast Fortune Club. He is ready to give you the best information possible to boost your portfolio and guarantee you will have a secure financial future. If you’re ready to join the Fast Fortune Club with expert advice from Tom Gentile, sign up today.  

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