Stock Quotes: Bid, Ask, and Spread

When it comes to stock quotes, there are three numbers you need to know before you decide what stocks to buy now. These are the bid, the ask, and the spread. All three matter whether you’re buying or shorting stocks, and even for options trading. They’re critical to helping you to identify what stocks will[…]


How to Start Profiting From the Stock Market Today

There’s no time like the present. If you don’t start profiting from the stock market today, when will you make it happen? Knowing which stocks to buy now is easy if you’re following my publications, so you have no excuse for not testing the waters. Maybe you’re worried about your lack of knowledge. You’re not[…]


What Are the Best Sources for Stock Market News?

Stock market news is all over the internet — never mind print and television publications. If you’re interested in getting the best tips on what stocks to buy now, you’re looking for the best, most credible sources. Keep reading for my list of places to find stock market news. CNN This is a go-to for[…]


Investing on a Shoestring Budget: Make Your Money Work Harder

Far too many people never invest their money because they think they have too little. That’s almost always not the case. Investing doesn’t require you to be rich — or even close. On the contrary, you can open a retail brokerage account with a small amount of money. Many people start investing with $500 and[…]


How to Invest in the Stock Market When You’re Not Wealthy

I hear these two statements put together all the time: “I don’t know how to invest in the stock market and I’m not wealthy.” They’re actually two different concepts that have nothing to do with one another. For one thing, wealth is subjective. To one person, true wealth might mean a net worth of seven[…]


The Top 5 Swing Trading Strategies That Work

A simple swing trading strategy can make a huge impact on your total net worth. In fact, some investors rely exclusively on swing trading when deciding what stocks to buy now. Why is this such a fantastic way to make money in the stock market? Because it requires lots of technical analysis, very little fundamental[…]


8 Things You’ll Learn When You Join the Fast Fortune Club

Some people think you need to already be rich to make money in the stock market — especially with blue-chip stocks. That’s not the case at all when you have access to the Fast Fortune Club. You might have heard of my patent-pending technology. It’s called the Money Calendar — simple, I know — and[…]