Tom Gentile: Money Call Excitement for Investors

You’ve worked for years and years to save up funds. Now, you want it to start gaining interest and making money, rather than sit in your bank account and collect dust.

When you want to begin investing, you may turn to a stockbroker at a commercial firm in your neighborhood to handle your finances. This broker might give you the same generic recommendations to everyone and not care about your specific situation. He may be just out of college and not have decades of experience advising clients on how to wisely invest their money. Plus, as soon as you go with him, you know your stock portfolio is going to be out of your hands. Where’s the excitement in that?

You’re up for something a little more thrilling. You want to be in control of your stock investments at all times and take a proactive role in building a financial future for yourself. How can you do that? With the Tom Gentile Money Call.

I’m Tom Gentile, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself, why so many people trust my financial expertise, and why you should consider subscribing to my Weekly Money Call.


Who Is Tom Gentile?

I’ve been trading stocks for nearly three decades, and I’ve even been dubbed “America’s #1 Pattern Trader.” Why? Because I developed some of the most technologically cutting-edge investing tools in the world, resulting in millions of dollars worth of gains for my many clients.

I started out just like you. In 1986, I was in my parents’ house, trading stocks on my own. I decided I wanted to get more serious about investing, so I took a job on the American Stock Exchange and worked my way up.

In 2009, I decided I wanted to share my financial knowledge with people, from the first-time investors out there looking to buy their initial shares of stock, to the seasoned traders who need expert information on how to maintain and grow their wealth. Now, as of 2018, I’ve educated more than 300,000 traders about how they can apply my knowledge to the real world and make incredible, life-changing investments.

How do I educate my clients? I teach through The Money Calendar, my tool that helps you reap double-digit profits even on the tiniest of stock price moves. But I’ve also discovered, over the years, that my clients wanted more advice. They saw that their investment profits were only increasing. So, in 2016, I started the Tom Gentile Money Call to better serve my clients and ensure that they get the freshest, most accurate investment information out there.

What Is the Tom Gentile Money Call?

Imagine this: It’s a normal Monday. You’re sitting at your cubicle, drinking your second cup of coffee and trying to get through dozens or even hundreds of emails that came in over the weekend. You’re thinking about a time when you’ll be able to break out of the 9-5, or start your company, or retire with a lucrative nest egg under your belt.

You’re just about to head to the break room to fill up that cuppa joe again when your phone vibrates. It’s your weekly text you’ve been looking forward to. The one that could change your life in an instant. It’s the Tom Gentile Money Call.

You eagerly open it and listen to the trading advice inside for the next 4.5 minutes. You decide to act quickly and trade some stocks on your lunch break. When you go to check your investment portfolio on Friday, you’ve doubled your money.

And it’s all thanks to the Tom Gentile Money Call.

How the Tom Gentile Money Call works is this: You’ll receive a text message containing the call every Monday at 12:15 p.m. I will advise you on what stocks will be going up that week and how to invest in them. Sometimes, if I figure out that more than one company is on the rise that week, I’ll send you another Tom Gentile Money Call. And another. I want to give you as many opportunities as possible to at least double your investments.

Past Successes from the Tom Gentile Money Call

Some “financial experts” are all talk. They promise big gains, but when it comes down to it, you lose money from their bad advice. It breaks my heart to hear horror stories about people who invested their entire retirement funds into some dud stocks just because a proclaimed expert gave them bad advice.

On the other hand, I combine my nearly three decades of experience winning big in the stock market and share my valuable knowledge with you. I want nothing more than for you to succeed. I want to help you live that life you’ve always imagined and make you feel confident in my recommended plays.

So, how can I do that? I can simply show you the evidence.

On May 30, 2018, I sent out a Tom Gentile Money Call to my subscribers and recommended that they invest in PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ). Well, what do you think happened next?

By Friday, that stock went up 63.6%. In just five trading days, it jumped exponentially. One subscriber, Lisa Murphy said, “I got my first Money Call last Tuesday, and I purchased QQQ as you suggested I sold for a gain of $1,824.53.”

Another time, I sent two Tom Gentile Money Calls out within 14 minutes of each other because I had to notify my subscribers right away. The first one was for Raytheon (RTN), which went out at the normal time of 12:15 p.m. on Monday, and the second was for DeutscheBank (DB), which I sent out at 12:29 p.m.

My subscribers who answered those calls, and made those wise investment moves, racked up a combined 138% gain in just two days. With the Tom Gentile Money Call, your cash will multiply in less than a week’s time.

How to Effectively Utilize the System


Being at your phone at the right moment to answer the Tom Gentile Money Call is just the first step to financial success. The second is actually taking my advice into account, and determining the best move for yourself investment-wise.

Let’s be honest: You may not want to make trades every week or take the advice from each and every one of my calls. And that’s completely fine. I also don’t expect you to blindly follow my advice, especially if you’ve gotten burned by bad financial information in the past.

That’s why I provide my analysis of why I chose certain stocks for my Tom Gentile Money Call. If you’re satisfied with my analysis, you can go ahead and make the trades. If not, do some more research yourself. Dig deep into the company’s stock history, look at any news and controversies surrounding it, see how other companies in the industry are performing, and research its revenue, net profit, and debt. I encourage it.

What I don’t encourage is taking hours upon hours, or even more than a day, to jump on my advice. For the Tom Gentile Money Call system to work, you have to be ready to make a move quickly. That’s the excitement and reward of it all. The faster you act on some good advice, the more likely you are to reap the benefits.

Know that my advice comes from years of experience and will only help you bulk up your investment portfolio. I’m not here to dole out false information; I’m here to empower you to make more money on your investments now.


If you’re ready to get started with the Weekly Money Call, and you’re excited to invest in your financial future, learn more about subscribing today. The call is going to transform your Monday, as well as your bank account. In under five minutes, you’re going to gain valuable insight that will put you on the path to financial success today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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