Weekly Cash Clock

Weekly Cash Clock: Learn What Stocks to Buy Now

Do you know which stocks to buy now? Do you know when to buy stocks and how to take advantage of a volatile market? If not, Tom Gentile can help.

Known as “America’s #1 Trader,” Tom Gentile has helped countless people figure out which stocks to buy and how to capitalize on the stock market.

Tom Gentile didn’t get to be “America’s #1 Trader” for nothing: he’s earned it.

If you’re looking for stocks to buy now, he’s the guy to recommend them.

And now, after spending the last five years developing the most powerful market analysis and trading tool on the market, Tom’s showing readers how to capture gains of 100%… 200%… up to 500% to you today through his remarkable Weekly Cash Clock tool.

Weekly Cash Clock is Tom’s proprietary system that crunches millions of data points on 200 of the most liquid stocks in the market, and predicts – with pinpoint accuracy – which stocks are about to jump… and highlights ways to trade these jumps for  triple-digit gains (or more) in just four days or less.

Now, five years ago these trades were impossible. But now, Tom’s showing readers how he uses this tool to capture gains of 100%… 200%… up to 500% every week through his remarkable Weekly Cash Clock research service.

If you’re an Weekly Cash Clock subscriber, click here to login. If not, see below for more information about Weekly Cash Clock.

Tom Gentile didn’t get to be “America’s #1 Trader” for no reason. He’s earned it. If you’re looking for stocks to buy now, he’s the guy to recommend them.

After spending the last five years developing the most powerful market analysis and trading tool on the market, Tom’s showing readers how to capture gains of 100%, 200%, and even up to 500% through his remarkable Weekly Cash Clock tool.

You might already know his work if you’re subscribed to his incredibly successful Weekly Calendar Alert program. It’s another great way to learn about stocks to buy now instead of counting on your intuition or someone else’s questionable stock picks.

With Tom’s guidance, you could easily become successful in the stock market without ever examining a chart, reading fundamentals, or poring over thousands of words of research and advice. Tom takes the work out of finding stocks to buy now.

With the Weekly Cash Clock, you get to look over Tom’s shoulder as he uses his proprietary technology to analyze billions of data points. That data is then funneled through Tom’s extensive experience and expertise to produce one or more stock picks that are highly likely to generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in profits.

Best of all, you don’t have to play the long game when deciding on stocks to buy now.

Get Alerts About Stocks to Buy Now Every Monday

The highlight of the Weekly Cash Clock is the chance to get an incredible stock pick — or even more than one — every Monday. It’ll take you fewer than five minutes to act on the tip from the moment you get an alert on your smartphone.

Furthermore, you don’t even have to be next to your phone. You can execute the same trades from any Internet-connected device.

These are the best stocks to buy now because Tom has thoroughly vetted them and determined that they’ll generate profits for his subscribers.

Complete the Transaction Within Five Days

Many people don’t get into the stock market because they don’t want to wait years for a trade to pay off. That’s where Weekly Cash Clock comes in. Tom specifically chooses the best stocks to buy now based on when they’ll pay off as well as how much revenue they’ll generate.

In many cases, his students have created $1,000+ turnarounds in just one or two days. Whatever the case, you’ll be ready to sell by Friday.

Get the Best Possible Deal

If you’ve been on the fence about trying Weekly Cash Clock, now’s the time to get started. Tom’s offering the best possible deal on this exciting opportunity, so keep reading to learn how you can profit from the best stocks to buy now.

How Do You Know What Stocks to Buy Now?

The answer to that one is easy: You subscribe to Tom Gentile’s Weekly Cash Clock.

It’s a pretty simple premise. When you subscribe to Weekly Cash Clock, you get an alert every Monday around lunchtime. It comes with a stock pick from Tom Gentile, who always knows what stocks to buy thanks to his proprietary resources.

When you get that alert, you know it’s time to act.

You’ll learn exactly what stocks to buy now so you can then log into your trading account or call your broker and execute a trade. That’s it. Just a few minutes out of your day can lead to lasting profits.

You’ll get another alert when it’s time to exit a trade. Tom Gentile works hard to make sure his subscribers know when to exit their positions for maximum profits and to avoid any losses.

Why Should You Subscribe to Weekly Cash Clock With Tom Gentile?

Figuring out which stocks to buy now can prove intimidating, especially if you don’t have much experience with the stock market. Tom Gentile simplifies the process through profitable stock picks.

Lots of people lose money in the stock market. They trade based on emotions, poor recommendations, and too much anticipation. When you subscribe to Weekly Cash Clock, those factors are removed from the equation.

You’ll know exactly what stocks to buy now based on Tom Gentile’s exceedingly prolific career in the stock market. He has helped hundreds of people profit from his picks, many of whom make more in just a few days than most people make in an entire year.

If you’re interested in learning what stocks to buy now and how to take advantage of the stock market, you’re in good hands. Picture your fantasy life — no matter what that entails — so you’re motivated to continue acting on profitable trade opportunities.

How Can You Benefit From Alerts on Stocks to Buy?

You’re probably wondering exactly what Weekly Cash Clocks look like. If you’re ready to subscribe and take advantage of Tom Gentile’s recommendations, sign up now and start learning how to invest in the stock market.

You won’t be disappointed. Instead of poring over stock charts and listening to endless analysts on CNBC, you can simply wait for that alert on Monday afternoon. In fact, you’ll start to look forward to the moment when you finally hear your alert.

After that, start raking in the profits.

For more information, however, it’s best to hear from the man himself.

My Name Is Tom Gentile. I Can Help You Succeed in the Stock Market


I’m Tom Gentile.

Now, I don’t know about you… but I LOVE Mondays.


Because I LOVE fast money.

Let me explain.

You know the sound your phone makes when you get a text message? THAT’S why I’m pretty sure you’re going to end up loving Mondays as much as I do.

Any other time of the week, that’s the sound of an ordinary text hitting your phone.

But this Monday around noon – and every Monday lunchtime after that – that signal means only one thing…

A “Money Call” is ready and waiting for you.

And it’s the most exciting way to build wealth I’ve ever seen.

You won’t believe how easy and fun this is.

All you have to do is have your phone handy.

You hear that sound. You make a few keystrokes right on your smart phone…

That’s it.

In about 4½ minutes… you’re set up with the chance to get rich! And never any later than Friday!

That’s right. All within four days or less.

How rich?

Well, let me show you how this works.

I sent out a Money Call on May 30 for PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ).

Your phone would have signaled that Money Call just after noon.

And anyone who took 4½ minutes to “answer” that Money Call could have celebrated all weekend with a 63.6% GAIN in five trading days!

It’s just that easy. Even for newbies like Lisa Murphy, who left a message about her big score!

“I got my first Money Call last Tuesday, and I purchased QQQ as you suggested I sold for a gain of $1,824.53.”

Just before that, I didn’t issue one Money Call – I issued TWO!

The first one, for Raytheon (RTN), went out at 12:15 p.m.

Then I sent out another one, for DeutscheBank (DB), at 12:29 p.m.

Anyone who “answered” both of those Money Calls could have pocketed a combined, lightning fast 138.6% PROFIT in TWO days!

Even people who’ve never answered a Money Call before in their lives would have been able to MORE THAN DOUBLE their money in just a few hours.

Take it from a new Money Call believer, Harry Rhett, who was making money right from the start:

“Tom, I’m new at these Money Calls. THANKS! I made a 150% return on RTN in matter of hours today.”

Add it all up, and you’d have been looking at a combined 202.2% gain on those three Money Calls that just came through.

Just that fast and easy, you could have massively multiplied your money

$500 in each would have turned into $3,011

$1,000 in each could have multiplied to $6,022

And $5,000 could have put an incredible $30,110 in your pocket!

And what’s really fun is knowing that – even after pocketing all those gains – you’d be barely getting started.

Because I send out at least one Money Call almost every single Monday.

Heck, just last Thursday, you could have pocketed a 66.7% gain on Merck (MRK) in just three days.

The plain truth is…

4½ minutes “answering” a Money Call could turn YOUR Monday lunches into “MONEY LUNCHES”!

With Money Calls, there’s never any waiting or wondering when your next big weekly windfall opportunity will appear.

You can count on hearing that sound every Monday. A new Money Call ready to go, available right on your phone or computer, right around lunch time – like clockwork.

And collecting gains is so easy, anyone can do it.

Once you decide to answer a Money Call, it’s like switching on the autopilot of a money-guided missile.

There’s not a single thing more to think about…

Nothing, that is, except the chance to collect up to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY or MORE by Friday. With gains like…

  • 100% PROFIT in one day on The Gap (GPS)…
  • 108.3 % PROFIT in three days on Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX)…
  • 70.4% PROFIT in two days on Fossil (FOSL), and…
  • 102% PROFIT in four days on Facebook (FB)…

Then start all over again with an exciting new Money Call the next Monday.

And every Monday after that.

See what I mean about loving Mondays?

And talk about fast…

It’s only been about four minutes since you first read about the Money Call signals you’ll be receiving. And in this short time…

You could already be finished answering the Money Call.

With a move that could DOUBLE YOUR MONEY… THIS WEEK!

All right on YOUR phone.

That’s what happened when I sent out a Money Call on eBay (EBAY).

It went out at 12:15 p.m. that Monday. In about 4½ minutes… between bites of salad… you could have “answered” that Money Call…

And at least DOUBLED YOUR MONEY by Wednesday. Just two days!

Paul Grady told me he did even better than that.

“Thanks, Tom. EBAY was my first test of your strategy. It was super easy, and my total profit was 150% in 3 days, (or 18,336% annualized)!”

Two weeks before that, you could have answered the lunchtime Money Call on Baidu Inc. (BIDU) while you were heating up a bowl of soup…

Within one day, it took off like a rocket, and it rewarded everyone who “answered” that Money Call with gains up to 100%.

In fact, Gary James told me he pocketed double-digit gains from this Baidu Money Call in just a couple hours.

“Tom. Great trade. It moved so fast, I took 57% profits in the first 2.5 hours.”

Before that, your Monday lunch hour would have been interrupted around 12:10 p.m. by a Money Call for the S&P 500 ETF (SPY).

Within one day, it took off like a rocket. And it rewarded everyone who “answered” that Money Call with gains up to 100%.

Making a few keystrokes on your phone while you were finishing up a sandwich… could have put you in position to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in two days!

That’s what Walter Paul was happy to report.

“Tom, I invested $2,686 in SPY and profited $2,296. Almost doubled my money. I’m so glad I found this, and enjoy having you as a guru.”

The very same day, your phone would have dinged again at 12:30 p.m. That’s when I sent out a second lunchtime Money Call on Morgan Stanley (MS).

Taking another 4½ minutes to answer that Money Call… you could have DOUBLED your money in two days like Laura Childs told me she did.

“Tom, we are so glad we decided to follow your Money Call. We bought $4,000 of MS on Monday, and we cashed out on Wednesday. So we invested $4000 and sold it for a $4000 profit!”

Could have MORE THAN DOUBLED YOUR MONEY with a combined 221.3% GAIN! In just two days!

In the few hours from Monday lunchtime, to Tuesday afternoon… your money would have literally multiplied right before your eyes.

“Answering” each of those Money Calls with $500… could have put $2,106 in your pockets…

Just $1,000 in each would have multiplied into $4,214

And if you answered each of those Money Calls – during that one, single Monday lunch hour – with $5,000 in each…

You could have walked away on Tuesday with over $21,000!

Now THAT’S a Money Lunch!

Of course, I can’t promise you a winner or massive windfall every time you hear the sound of a new Money Call.

But you’ll be amazed at how easy and convenient it can be to make money this whole new way.

Money Calls can turn your favorite lunch spots, into potential gold mines.

As you can see, Money Call is a totally new and unique way to make extraordinary gains… in four days or less… using nothing but your smartphone if you choose.

And because you almost always have your smartphone with you…

Money Calls can take any place you happen to be enjoying your Monday lunch… and make it feel like a gold mine.

For example, you could have been in the middle of a lunch-hour workout when I sent out a Money Call on Starbucks (SBUX).

Right there in the gym, you could have taken a four-minute break on your phone to answer that Money Call.

And you could have been as happy as Jim Archer, who told me he collected a quick $1,300 profit.

“You took out all the guesswork, and I simply followed your instructions to a T. TO MY BIG SURPRISE, Tom, you helped me make $1,300 in just 3 short days. I never have been happier, and I’ve tried a LOT of other trading research services.”

The week before, it was around 12:20 p.m. when I sent out a Money Call on Goldman Sachs (GS).

Even if you were taking a lunchtime stroll, you could have taken a 4½-minute rest to answer the Money Call right there in the park.

And you could have put yourself in position to DOUBLE your money by Friday. Just like Rob Bennett told me he did.

“Thank you Tom! I made $6,800 profit so far on the GS trade!”

A week before that, it was high noon when I sent a Money Call on Facebook (FB).

Then 10 minutes later, I sent out another one on Alibaba Group (BABA).

You could have “answered” both of those Money Calls on your smartphone while you were taking a leisurely taxi or bus ride across town.

And by Friday, you could have pocketed a 102% GAIN on Facebook, PLUS a 106.1% GAIN on BABA.

In other words, you could have DOUBLED your money TWICE in that one week!

Even if, like Ron Guthry, these were your very first Money Calls.

“Hello Tom – this was my 1st Money Call. I bought BABA near the close, just as you recommended. And within an hour of the market open the very next day, my return on investment was 92% in less than one day! That was the fastest money I have ever made.”

With Money Calls, you can forget about being tied to your computer… because you can set yourself up to make money no matter where you are!

Just look how easy these Money Calls work.

You get a ding on your smart phone right around noon on Monday.

You know it’s time to open your newest Money Call right on your phone (or any internet-connected device).

You check out my analysis and easy to follow recommendation.

You make a few clicks and boom.

By Friday, you could be collecting tons of extra money.

It’s that simple.

And it only takes around 4½ minutes for most people to do this.

No matter how you look at it…

This is a faster and easier way to make more money
than anything you’ve ever seen.

Now you should know that I refuse to even consider sending out a Money Call, unless there’s an overwhelming probability of at least a 100% gain that same week.

That’s what makes answering a Money Call the easiest – and most reliable – way on the planet to make up to DOUBLE your money or moreno later than Friday. And even as fast as one day.

And it’s why that text alert sound will have you licking your chops every Monday.

Because if you can spare just 4½ minutes with your smartphone, and follow the simple steps in every lunchtime Money Call…

You can be poised to pocket MORE profits in one week, than most people make in a whole year.

Of course, nobody knows exactly which way the markets are going to go every time.

But my Money Calls are designed to show you how to make so much money, so fast…

Even if they fall short of my 100% goal, any gains could still be more than you make just about anyplace else.

Usually WAY more.

For example, take my Money Call on SPY, the S&P 500 ETF. It hit for 43.6% gains in less than 24 hours.

Or my Money Call on Apple (AAPL). It went out around 12:15 p.m.

And you could have been done “answering” that Money Call by 12:20 p.m.

That’s all the time you would have needed to be set up to pocket a hefty 52.4% gain. Not by Friday, but by Thursday. Just three days later.

Now while that one didn’t make it to my 100% goal, it’s still a huge win.

Heck, most people I know haven’t gained 52% in the last THREE YEARS. Combined!

Think I’m kidding?

You know how everyone’s excited about the market’s recent record-setting performance?

Well, for the S&P 500, that adds up to a total gain of 25.4% in the three years since May of 2014.

But just 4½ minutes answering this one “underperforming” Money Call could have put more than TWICE as much profit in your pocket.

Not in three years… but in just three days.

Now, I sent out another Money Call at 12:49 p.m. the day before. This one was on the Consumer Discretionary ETF (XLY).

And answering that Money Call… one that I consider another “underachiever”… could have given you a 62.7% GAIN by Thursday.

Here’s the thing…

If all you could get is that 62.7% return every week for a year…

You’d be laughing all the way to the bank! You’d have a monstrous total gain of 3,260%.

That’s $16,300 in yearly profits without ever risking more than $500 a week!

See how different this is?

Because I set my standards so extraordinarily high, the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor.

Now let’s go back one more week and look at what happened.

You would have received two more Money Calls during that lunch hour.

And in less than nine minutes TOTAL – while sitting at your favorite burger joint – you could have gotten yourself in position for two nice paydays that week.

First, the Money Call on AbbVie (ABBV) could have given you a whopping 124% gain by Tuesday.


That’s just what Chuck Lemer told me he did.

“Tom, this is my 4th successive successful trade using your system. As soon as I got your Money Call, I invested in ABBV. And per your instructions, I set up an order to automatically take profits at $1,050. Sure enough by Tuesday I automatically gained +100% and doubled my money in one day!”

And the second Money Call that day… another one on SPY… could have multiplied your money at least 28.3%NOT in one year, but in just four days!

Chris Barty thanked me for helping him do even better (like a lot of people do).

“I bought SPY @ $1.50 and sold for $2.67. Thanks for the 78% gain!”

I could keep going, but you get the picture.

This keeps happening week after week.

Always in one week or less. Over and over again.

And NOBODY else does this.

Look how quickly the dollars add up.

Now, let me keep things real for a moment.

You already know that no method in the world wins every single trade, no matter how fantastic the results have proven to be. That’s true here too.

But here’s the thing: Money Calls really can be exactly as lucrative as they sound.

The 100% real numbers from my Money Call track record speak for themselves.

Every single gain in this presentation is fully documented.

Every single quote I’m sharing are real words… from real people… who made real money “answering” Money Calls… in four days or less.

The ONLY thing that’s going to support the lifestyle of your dreams…

The ONLY thing that’s going to make a difference in how you live today AND how you live in YOUR retirement…

The ONLY thing that’s going to enable you to be as happy and worry-free as possible…

Is cold, hard CASH.

So let’s look at those nine Money Calls again. In a way that you could literally take to the bank.

But let me show you how much extra money could have been yours… even if you only invested $500 answering each one.

  • You would have started off with a combined $762 profit from ABBV and SPY…
  • You would have added $313 profit from XLY and $262 profit from AAPL…
  • The next week you would have picked up another $218 profit on SPY…
  • You would have followed that up with a quick $605 profit from Morgan Stanley…
  • That same day, you would have added $502 profit on SPY…
  • The next week, a Money Call on BIDU would have given you an extra $500 in one day
  • And that was followed with another $500 profit in just one day on EBAY…

Pocketing your gains every week without hitting any losers…

You could have had an extra $3,663 cash profit!

If you started with a modest $1,000 in each, you could have been looking at $7,326 MORE!

Now, what if you transferred just $5,000 in each from the laggards in your portfolio, to try out this new way to make money?

Those $5,000 stakes could have meant $36,630 in EXTRA CASH FOR YOU! In just a few months already this year! All in just about 4 ½ minutes at a time.

But just look what happens when this multiplies.

It’s mind-boggling to think how much extra money you could have already made THIS YEAR!

If you started with that same SPY Money Call. And you rolled your gains over, winner to winner, to winner…

Even if you started with just one, single $500 investment…

By the middle of May, your single, one-time $500 investment would be worth a jaw-dropping $106,053!

Now some may think individual gains like this are impossible.

And that used to be true. Until now.

Money Calls can lead to more double- and triple-digit gains, and more quickly, than anything I’ve ever seen.

But thanks to my Money Call recommendations, now you really do have the chance to get IN on Monday and OUT with gains by Friday… over and over again.

Of course, hitting just those winning trades and avoiding the losing plays would take some incredible luck. And I don’t know of anybody who had the perfect timing to let all those profits ride…

But those trades were there for the taking. The wins don’t lie.

And that brings me to another HUGE Money Call difference: You never have to risk a lot of money.

You can ALWAYS start with as little as $500. And after you get your first double, you could never have to use your own money again.

You can take your original $500 and put it right back in your pocket. Then play with the profits… the house’s money… and roll it over week after week.

So, for example’s sake, imagine if you had started with $5,000 instead of $500.

Just like that, you could have been sitting on $1,060,530just over $1 MILLION in just four months!

Like a treasure map on your phone.

Now, let me put you at ease right away: Answering a Money Call will NOT interrupt your day in any way.

In fact, it DOESN’T even involve you actually speaking with anybody.

Answering a Money Call is the easiest thing in the world.

It’s like following a treasure map, right on your phone.

Simply read the text message you get on Monday…

Follow the link to open my newest Money Call. Peruse my analysis and trade recommendation…

Then decide if you want to follow the money-making steps it lays out for you.

A simple move you can make right on your phone if you choose.

And in about 4½ -minutes… you’re done. With the profit potential to get rich. By Friday.

Here, let me show you one for Ctrip, the travel-planning site.

You would have heard that sound at 12:09 p.m. that Monday…

And checked out the new Money Call right on your phone.

Notice that it’s very short and easy to read. Basically two things…

First, it tells you exactly what to do and why.

Next, it tells you exactly what to pay.

In this case, if you wanted in, all you would have had to do was…

1) Open an app on your phone…

2) Make a few keystrokes to check Ctrip.com (CTRP), and…

3) Buy… but only if the price was no more than $1.79.

And in about 4½ minutes…

Answering that Money Call would have put you in position for a 64.8% PROFIT by Thursday.

Here’s another one. It went out at 12:20 p.m. the next Monday.

No matter where you were at the time… a few moves on your phone would have answered the Money Call for Viacom (VIAB) in about 4½ minutes.

And by the next day, you could have DOUBLED YOUR MONEY with a sweet, 100% gain.

The very next Monday, starting around 12:10 p.m., you would have received THREE Money Calls.

The first one would have guided you to buy United Airlines (UAL).

The second one came at around 12:20 p.m. It gave instructions for getting in on Delta Airlines (DAL).

Finally, at around 12:30 p.m., your last Money Call that day would have told you to buy American Airlines (AAL).

And by the very next day, answering these three Money Calls…

You could have DOUBLED YOUR MONEY with a 100% GAIN on United…

Plus American could have multiplied your money a solid 68.1%

And Delta could have rewarded you with a whopping 128.7% GAIN!

All together, those Money Calls could have added up to a 296.8% GAIN for youin just ONE DAY!

Money Calls are my favorite way to keep you ahead of wherever the money is moving.

Now let me stop here and point out something very important about these last three Money Calls.

Contrary to popular belief, getting rich is NOT dependent on what the economy is doing. And it’s not about what the Fed is doing… or what Europe and China are doing either.

NONE of that stuff matters.

Here’s the key to getting rich in three words: Follow the Money.

Think about it.

Money is always moving somewhere.

Even when the overall economy is down, SOMEONE is making money.

But staying on top of money moves these days is not for the faint of heart, and it’s definitely not for yesterday’s tactics and strategies.

Money today moves quicker than ever. And it changes direction in the blink of an eye.

Traditional indicators – like moving averages, RSI, and various types of “bands” – can’t keep up anymore.

By the time these “backward looking” indicators finally spot where the money’s going… it’s already moved again.

But what if you could get ahead of the game?

What if you could anticipate the moves?

And what if you could already be sitting wherever the money is headed THIS WEEK?

You would be right where you need to be to make a ton of money.

And that’s the EXACT position where Money Calls can guide you every Monday.

Think about what a relief that is.

You can immediately STOP wasting your time and money chasing last week’s hot tip.

You can STOP playing Russian Roulette with your retirement – trying to blindly guess where the money will be moving next.

And you can discover trades that are overwhelmingly likely to make you a fortune THIS WEEK… all from Monday to Friday.

Like with those last three Money Calls.

My system told me that money was moving in the Transportation sector.

We got there…

We pocketed a combined 296.8% GAIN on United, Delta, and American…

And we got out before the money moved someplace else.

The week before that money was moving in Communications…

We GAINED 100% in one day on Viacom, and got out.

Before that, it was moving in Technology…

We GAINED 64.8% on Ctrip and got out.

The thing is… money moves in different niches like this, week in and week out.

And my Money Call system is the only REAL-TIME way to find those fast, weekly movements.

You take just 4½ minutes to answer your Money Call on Monday…


BEFORE the money moves again.

Money Calls can help you make more money – week-in and week-out – than anything else I know.

No wonder people are going gaga over these Money Calls.

Laura and Daniel Carruso told me they have never been this excited…

“We have been trading for 6 years and going through the roller coaster of profits and losses. We have a passion for trading and have been looking for something to take us to the next level. You were introduced to us a few weeks ago and we are more excited than we have ever been. We thank God for sending you our way and we are encouraging everyone we know to take a look at this.”

Alex Presley calls it “Incredible”…

“Hi Tom! I made $2800 on my trades this week with the Money Calls! Incredible. Most of all, the entire experience of learning while doing and the alert system make it easy, interesting and actually fun!”

Thomas Dukasky gave me several reasons why he loves Money Calls…

“Tom, I love these Money Calls for 3 main reasons: 1) You explain the trades in detail so it is easy for me to make the order. 2) The time frame of 5 days. We know is the trade comes on Monday and we need to get out by Friday which help us budgeting our trades. And finally, how you follow each trade and let me know if we need to sell before the due date. The service has been great. I followed your instructions on 12 trades. I made money on 11 of them.”

And Lincoln Dutton summed his feelings up, short and sweet…

“One word – OUTSTANDING! Two doubles in two days. Best regards!!”

Plain and simple…

There is NOTHING that can guide you to more money, faster and easier than a Money Call.

By now, you may want to know why Money Calls work. Why the extraordinary gains just keep pouring in week after week.

Well, I have a system. A complex computer program, really. I call it my Channel Collision Indicator. CCI for short.

I’ve spent four years, and millions of dollars developing this CCI.

It’s based on a virtually invisible aberration that I discovered.

A unique convergence of three data channels that’s hidden on just about every stock chart.

Let’s take a close look at a recent Money Call I sent out for Raytheon (RTN), and you’ll see how this works.

The first thing my Channel Collision Indicator does, is calculate the red, “Gradient Channel.” This channel indicates the stock’s real-time trajectory.

Next CCI calculates the yellow, “Launch Channel.” This measures the strength of embedded momentum within the stock.

Finally it calculates the green “Inertia Channel.” This may be the most critical of the three channels because it prevents jumping into – or out of – any opportunity too soon.

Now look what happens when these three channels collide in a particular way. They form a pattern that looks like this…

And here’s the key…

This unique collision pattern almost ALWAYS appears just BEFORE certain stocks can explode with extraordinary gains.

Now remember, nobody else on the planet has my Channel Collision Indicator.

Nobody else can even see the patterns… let alone know when they collide.

So nobody could have sent you a Money Call when this collision pattern appeared on Raytheon.

Nobody except me.

And, if you would have received and answered this Money Call on May 30… you could have DOUBLED your money by the very next day.

The thing is, this pattern repeats with uncanny precision.

Almost every time I spot the telltale pattern and send out a new Money Call, you could stand to pocket phenomenal gains like these…

  • A 100% GAIN in one day on Viacom (VIAB)…
  • A 70.4% GAIN in two days on Fossil Group (FOSL)…
  • A 100% GAIN in four days on Goldman Sachs (GS), and…
  • A 48.6% GAIN in two days on Suncor Energy (SU).

And there’s no end in sight.

Because while this is all based on a lot of very complex mathematics, the simple truth is…

This is the most “common sense” way to riches – ever.

Let me tell you a quick story.

My family and I live in Florida.

It’s ranked one of the top six warmest and sunniest states in the entire country.

So it might surprise you to know that I’ve become accustomed to carrying an umbrella.


Because despite all the sunshine, I’ve plainly seen – over and over again – that from June through August, there’s a pattern. It rains like cats and dogs almost every afternoon.

Now, I’m certainly no meteorologist. But I don’t have to be.

If it rained yesterday afternoon… and the afternoon before that… and the afternoon before that… every afternoon for weeks…

I’d be crazy NOT to believe it’s going to rain again today.

Carrying an umbrella is just common sense based on the pattern I’ve seen.

It’s the same whether you’re looking at the weather or traffic or money.

When you see the same pattern happening over and over, you don’t have to be an expert.

It’s just common sense to do what you can to take advantage of the pattern you see.

And that’s exactly what makes my Money Call strategy the most common sense way to potentially build wealth… faster than anything else.

Because the moneymaking collision pattern I’ve discovered… that signals every Money Call… it’s as real as it gets.

My team and I spent months analyzing and backtesting thousands of potential trades.

I’m talking about studying BILLIONS of data points – YEARS of activity on 400 of the most liquid stocks in the market.

And guess what? We discovered that almost every time this collision pattern appears…

There’s a TON of money to be made!

Answering a Money Call is like my umbrella. It’s the common sense way for YOU to take advantage of this hidden, but undeniable moneymaking pattern.

I send you a Money Call.

And you even know exactly when to expect the call… while you’re having lunch on Monday.

You’re going to hear a tone on your phone.

You’re going to check out all the details in my analysis of my system’s latest discovery.

And if you choose to follow the easy instructions I give you, right on your phone…

You’re set up within 4½ minutes, at most.

So what happens by Friday?

There’s an overwhelming chance you’re going to double your money.

Then do it again the next week… and the next… and the next.

Let me show you how quickly and dramatically this common sense system could have multiplied a modest, $1,000 stake, right out of the gate when I sent out a Money Call on Palo Alto Networks (PANW).

Taking 4½ minutes out of a lunchtime reading break to answer that Money Call could have DOUBLED your $1,000 into $2,000… in just three days.

Just like it did for Pete Masterson.

“I ended up making 101%. Awesome return in only 3 days.”

The next week, a Money Call on The Gap (GPS) went out right around noon.

And within 4½ minutes, while picking up a few groceries… you could have been set up to multiply your money in record time.

In fact, you could have grown that $2,000 into $3,600 the same day. That’s what Jim Mucelli told me he did.

“I made 80% in a matter of minutes yesterday on GPS. Total gain was $1,902. That makes a big impact on a small account like mine. Thanks Tom!”

The next week’s Money Call was for Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX). It went out at 12:40 p.m.

You could have pulled out your smartphone and answered that Money Call while sipping drinks by the pool.

And just three days later, turned your $3,600 into $7,498.

In other words, rolling your profits from just three Money Calls… on three consecutive weeks…

You could have multiplied every dollar more than SEVEN TIMES!

Instead of $1,000… you could have had $7,498!

Instead of $5,000… you could have had $37,490!

And if you started the month with $10,000… you could have ended it with a whopping $74,980!

Those kind of exceptional profits don’t happen every three weeks…

But if that’s not common sense investing, I don’t know what is.

Remember… these individual gains aren’t from testing like you’ve probably seen from other research services.

Money Call is NOT some wild, unproven theory.

These Money Calls really went out!

Every single gain… everything I’ve shown you in this presentation… is fully documented.

This is the real deal!

And the crazy thing is…

Not one in a thousand people knows about this!

Don’t worry that you’re the only one missing out on these incredible, fast gains. Almost everybody is.

Even bankers, traders, and hedge fund managers don’t know how to spot the patterns behind these Money Calls.

Remember, my CCI tool is the ONLY thing in the world that finds and leverages these hidden collision patterns in REAL TIME.

In perfect time for you to get IN on these exciting new Money Calls on Monday… and CASH OUT by Friday.

Best of all, you never have to break the bank to answer any Money Call. I promise you’ll be able to get in on every Money Call play for $500 or less.

And since every unique Money Call trade is required to pay out any available profits by Friday…

When those windfalls hit, you just sit back and watch the extra cash pour into your account, like many people did with…

  • A 78.0% GAIN in one week on PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ)…
  • A 52.4% GAIN in three days on Apple (AAPL), and…
  • A 106.9% GAIN in three days on Palo Alto Network (PANW).

Now on rare occasion we’ll hold on to something a bit longer than four days.

But these are the kinds of gains most people may not earn in months or years… all on some of the biggest, most liquid companies on the planet… so we think that they’re sometimes worth the wait.

But by simply answering the Money Calls… gains like these could be lining your pockets in just four days or less. Over and over again.

So let me show you…

How your money could grow scary big THIS YEAR.

Remember, you’ll only get a Money Call when I find the perfect pattern on very specific trades…

Trades that start on Monday with the overwhelming potential to double your money or more by Friday like these top documented winners…

  • 120.9% PROFIT in two days on Morgan Stanley (MS)…
  • 124% PROFIT in one day on AbbVie (ABBV)…
  • And 100.0% PROFIT in two days on eBay (EBAY).

Barely into the first six months of 2017, the actual winning Money Call trade recommendations added up to a total of 1,144%. It’s crazy!

The thing is, because you can expect to get a Money Call every week, the money can get scary big.

If you were to invest just $500 each week… and pocket my average winning return… you would have $13,520 PROFIT in one year.

Pretty amazing.

But what if instead of pocketing your weekly profits in this scenario, you reinvested them each week?

And, taking it a step even further back, what if you only do one fourth as well as my winning average?

After 52 weeks, your single $500 investment would still explode into an incredible $33,106 PROFIT.

What if you just took a single $5,000 from the underachievers in your portfolio, to see if Money Calls could do any better?

You take that $5,000 and use it to answer a Money Call. And when you double your money, you take your investment totally off the table. Put it right back in your pocket.

You’ve only risked $5,000 dollars one time. And you’re never investing your own money again.

You’re on easy street. You’re playing with the house’s money. And you’re going to have a ball!

You take those profits, invest it in the winners, and roll it over again and again and again.

And what happens after one year?

Well, I hope you’re sitting down…

Because from that one, single investment…

You could be sitting on $331,065!

I told you this was scary big!

That’s an exceptional scenario, no doubt. No one ever hits only winning trades. But the potential here is undeniable.

And the best part is…

You can get rich this way… without ANY previous experience at all.

Trading with my Money Calls as a guide can actually MINIMIZE risk and MAXIMIZE gains in five critical ways.

First of all, you can be SECURE knowing that my Money Call alerts will ONLY recommend trades on the biggest, most liquid companies. So you’ll NEVER be risking your retirement money on small stocks that might give you a one-in-a-million chance of hitting it big… like you see in so many other research services that never deliver.

Second, Money Call trades are AFFORDABLE. I want you to have the chance to experience the fun of pocketing extraordinary winners week after week, without already being rich. So I make sure every Money Call can be answered with as little as $500 or less.

Third, every Money Call can give you EXPONENTIAL power over your money. You’ll only get a Money Call when I’m projecting a 100% gain or more within four days.

Fourth, Money Call trades are REQUIRED to pay any gains by Friday. So once you answer the Money Call, there’s nothing you need to track or remember on your own. So when a trade hits, you never have to worry about missing a payday.

Finally, this is as close to a WORRY-FREE way to build wealth as you get. No matter where you are… you can answer every Money Call in 4½ minutes or less, right on your phone. Because I post all the Money Calls on a special website that you can easily access from any device.

And since I spell out exactly what to do… it’s almost impossible to make a mistake.

As you can see, I’ve made the chance to pocket one-week gains over and over again so easy…

A child could answer a Money Call, place the trades, and be in position to make tons of money.

This is undeniably the fastest, easiest way to make money, ever.

Once you get each week’s Money Call…

All you need to do is decide whether to take action. Then follow my easy, one-step directions.

And even if you’ve never made a trade before in your life… Money Calls could be your ticket to pocketing incredible gains week after week.

Plain and simple, this is one helluva fun way to make money.

In fact, this could be the easiest money you’re ever going to make in your life!

And it can start right now.

You don’t have to wait one more minute.

I’m already working on your very first Money Call.

And in just 4½ minutes starting on Monday, you could be thousands of dollars richer by Friday.

How you could double your money every week…

For you, it’s a quick and easy process: Just take 4½ minutes to answer a Money Call around lunchtime every Monday.

But behind the scenes, I work around the clock to unearth the collision patterns that could double your money in one week.

EVERY DAY – The real-time network in my CCI tool crunches through billions of data points. That’s what it takes to find the unique collision patterns that are driving the market moves THIS WEEK.

EVERY WEEKEND – My system scours the best stocks, ETFs, and indices in the market. And it only selects those that perfectly match up with this week’s specific collision patterns – ones statistically likely to make extraordinary profit THIS WEEK.

EVERY MONDAY MORNING – Where my CCI tool leaves off… I’m just getting started.

I take each of those top picks and run them through my personal wringer of analytics and expertise.

And that’s when I come up with one or two unique situations that I expect could quickly turn every $500 invested into as much as $1,000 or more by FRIDAY.

Only then will you get a Money Call alert with all the details and research from me.

Everything you need to take advantage of opportunities for extraordinary one-week gains you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Fast, completely new and unique gain opportunities you can set your watch by.

What’s really exciting is how easily you can make these super-fast gains… at a VERY comfortable pace.

While the money is moving like lightning every week…

There’s nothing rushed or difficult at all about learning how to grow richer with Money Calls.

In fact, this is such a reliable way to build your wealth, you can practically set your watch by it.

Every Monday when a new Money Call goes out… that’s another exciting new opportunity for you to score big by Friday.

And you can count on hearing the next ding on your phone next Monday at lunchtime.

And every Monday after that.

Of course, we don’t send these Money Calls to just anybody.

The ONLY people who get these Money Calls are members of my unique research service called, Weekly Cash Clock.

Admittedly, it’s a very small group. It has to be.

With all the coaching, guidance and intricate attention to detail I provide my group of members, I simply refuse to spread myself too thin.

And frankly, 30 years of experience has taught me that not everyone has what it takes to belong anyway.

For example, being able to answer these Money Calls in a timely manner is critical for those who decide to invest. And some people may not want to do that.

It takes real commitment to get in on Monday week after week… for the chance to pocket profits by Friday. But some people don’t like to commit.

I’ve also met people who actually feel guilty about being able to make more gains in one week than many of their friends have made in three years. Folks like that would definitely be uncomfortable taking advantage of Money Call’s consistent weekly windfall opportunities.

And surprisingly, some people are embarrassed to make “too much money”… whatever that is.

Others are simply afraid to try new or unfamiliar ways to build wealth. And being able to double your money in one week or less with Money Call recommendations is as new and unique as it gets.

Following my research has never been so easy. And we need your phone number to get the Money Call text notification to you as fast as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to give us your number. That’s 100% up to you. You can still join my research service. But then you might be last to know about every Money Call. So if you don’t want to provide your number, this may not be right for you.

But all that’s OK.

Like I said, members become part of a tight-knit group.

While anyone can choose to join…

The plain truth is my Weekly Cash Clock is going to be most beneficial for people who are dead serious about learning how to pocket quick gains in one week – over and over again.

And if you think you have what it takes…

This is your invitation to join them.

In fact, this may be your ONLY opportunity to become one of the few people with the chance to cash in on every windfall Money Call uncovers for the next year!

Now, I should warn you…

I’m basically giving you my life’s work, so it’s not cheap to get in.

The retail price of an annual subscription to my Weekly Cash Clock is $4,995.

And it sells out quickly at that price.

No wonder.

You’ve just seen dozens of Money Calls that could have turned every $500 into $800… $1,000… even $1,500 or more! Over and over again.

I’ve already shown you how it would have been possible to make over $100,000 with Money Calls in the last six months alone.

I’ve even had offers from high-end investors wanting to pay me $30,000… $40,000… even $50,000 a year for access to my systems, tools, and investing expertise.

So it’s clear that my Weekly Cash Clock research service is easily worth much more than $4,995.

Truth is you could easily cover that answering your very first Money Call.

That’s exactly what new Money Caller Jason Allen told me he did:

“Tom, you made me a whopping 65% in just 3 short days. This has more than paid for my subscription with having this service.”

So did Mark Tucker, who wrote:

“Pretty damn amazing. At this rate I will have my lifetime subscription paid for in a few weeks. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Jared Harris said:

“I was thrilled that my first two trades using your system netted me half my subscription price in the first week!!”

Jeff Bartlett told me he more than covered his costs on his very first trade with me:

“Tom, I made a profit of $3,215 on my very first trade! You made it so easy. Thanks so much!!”

And Josh Laker told me…

“I’ve never seen anything like this. Your approach is going to change my life significantly. You have already paid for your subscription to Weekly Cash Clock this year AND made me that cost in 100% profit after only two weeks – unbelievable.”

But you won’t pay anywhere near $4,995 if you become a Weekly Cash Clock Premier Member today…

Because I’m prepared to give you a full year of my Weekly Cash Clock research service at just a fraction of the retail cost. And I mean a fraction.

I’m talking a HUGE, 60% discount OFF the retail price!

That means, as one of my newest potential Weekly Cash Clock millionaires, you’ll pay just $1,995 for 12 full months – at least 52 Money Calls with money-doubling opportunities you can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s the real beauty of my Weekly Cash Clock

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned trader or brand new to all this.

Understanding the revolutionary concepts behind every Money Call can give you a giant advantage in every trade you choose to make.

My Weekly Cash Clock is already helping people all over the world pocket incredible new gains fast.

Stan James is a veteran trader who can’t believe his Weekly Cash Clock results:

“3 trades [in] 2 weeks, unbelievable results. You may be correct when you mentioned that ‘This is every investor’s dream.'”

Alison Church says she’s surprised how fast the gains came:

“It was very easy for me to get into the trade, and was surprised at how fast it moved up. I closed the trade for an even, 100% gain. Thank you Tom for providing this profitable service.”

Randall Burke can’t wait for his next big Weekly Cash Clock gains:

“Great trade idea yesterday on GPS. I followed it and ended up gaining 172% in less than 24 hours. When’s the next alert? Let’s go!!!!”

Paul Green wrote:

“Thanks for the first two recommendations. I closed PANW last week for a 106% profit.”

James Stevens is simply amazed:

“I love you Tom Gentile!! Up 75% on GPS this morning, and I’m thinking ‘I should cash out now’ but am waiting for the double. God I love this.”

Even the “newbies,” like Jackson Husted, can’t get over how fast and easy I make it for them to make money:

“Hi Tom, I’m a newbie, just joined for life. I just made 61.4% in 4 days on QQQ. I look forward to many profitable trades in the future.”

So I urge you to secure your Premier Membership while there’s still time…

And I’m going to give you something I’ve never given anyone before…

My Exclusive $15,000 Commitment to YOUR Success.

In my 30-year financial career, I’ve done it all.

Everything from being a trader at the American Stock Exchange (AMEX)… to being co-founder of one of the world’s leading and most trusted financial education companies.

Chances are you’ve even read one of my best-selling books on market-beating strategies.

And Charles Schwab paid millions of dollars just to get the revolutionary programming behind my work.

Now I’ve put all my experience and expertise together to make Weekly Cash Clock the most valuable research service on the planet.

I call it my $15,000 Premier Member Package. And you won’t pay a single penny more to get it all…

I believe this is the equivalent of a PhD in trading:

The first thing you’ll get are the step-by-step details on how to answer this week’s hot, new Money Call. The one I’m projecting could double your money by Friday this week. Right around lunchtime, if you sign up for my text messages, you’ll hear that ding right on your phone, letting you know this week’s hot new Money Call pick is ready and waiting for you. And you’ll get at least 52 more Monday Money Calls – at least 52 unique opportunities to double your money in just one week. ($4,995 Value)

In addition to your regular Monday Money Call, you can count on real-time alerts. The second I release an alert that it’s time to close out a trade recommendation or capture profits, you’ll hear that ding on your phone again letting you know it’s ready. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on with every Money Call opportunity… and what to do about it. No worries and no guessing.

Your membership also entitles you to 24/7 Web Site Resources. This password-restricted, members-only site gives you a wealth of up-to-the-minute information and trading resources. This is where I post every Money Call – each new trade recommendation and action alert – as soon as it’s released. So you’ll always have complete access (even if you choose not to receive my texts).

I’m also going to give you exclusive access to my four-part streaming video seminar, Essentials of Profitable Options Trading. This is the meat and potatoes. I pull back the curtain and reveal everything you need to know about how to build wealth fast and easy with Money Calls. Whether you’re an experienced trader, or thinking about trading for the very first time, this is the perfect way to learn how to jump start your Money Call profits. ($2,995 Value)

Plus this exclusive for Weekly Cash Clock Members! You’ll get a copy of my newest book, The Fastest Money You’ll Ever Make. I’ll take you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes and reveal dozens of Weekly Cash Clock wealth-building secrets. ($49.95 Value)

And this next benefit may be the best of all.

Every month, you’ll also be invited to a special members-only online coaching session (at least a $7,000 value). I promise you’ll come away from every one of these events with valuable tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can be worth thousands of extra dollars to you. I’ll be showing things like…

  • How you can pay less commissions…
  • The best way to allocate your assets…
  • How to get the most out of your broker…
  • The best ways to manage your cash…
  • How much to put on any trade…
  • And the fastest way to grow to a million dollars.

PLUS in each month’s group coaching session I’m going to give participants even more opportunities to make extraordinary profits in one week or less. I’m talking about revealing at least three or four bonus Money Call trade recommendations.

And every single one could add tens of thousands of dollars more to your bottom line.

Add it up and you can see why this is the very best deal I’ve ever offered anyone.

In just minutes, you’ll get instant access to over $8,000 worth of my unique wealth-building trade recommendations and trading resources…

Plus at least $7,000 worth of ongoing trading education…

Plus step-by-step guidance to my exclusive Money Calls that can help you put thousands of dollars in your pocket every week.

That’s my $15,000 commitment to your success!

And it’s all yoursbut only if you join right now. TODAY.

Your one-of-a-kind, 2,200% Total Profit Guarantee.

Now, I understand that this whole idea of Money Calls may be new to you.

It’s hard to imagine that by taking just 4½ minutes to answer a Money Call on your phone, you can be in position to pocket extraordinary gains by Friday.

But there’s no denying it. Money Call is on an incredible roll.

You’ve just seen the proof… over and over.

I’ve revealed the hidden pattern.

You’ve seen how easy this is.

I’ve shown you why I never recommend a trade unless it has the potential to make at least 100% profit.

And I’ve shown you how this strategy can consistently lead to winner after winner… week after week.

In fact, adding up every single trade, Weekly Cash Clock is on track to net over 1,000% in total gains this year.

But with the momentum I’m seeing, that’s just a drop in the bucket.

I’m so confident that Weekly Cash Clock is going to make you a fortune that I’m going to take things one giant step further.

I’m going to make this decision ridiculously easy for you… with my one-of-a-kind, 2,200% Total Profit Guarantee.

I GUARANTEE that in the next 12 months – across all our trades, including winners and losers – Weekly Cash Clock will add up to at least 2,200% in total gains!

That’s DOUBLE what we’re on track to do right now.

And if my track record shows I didn’t deliver, just call my team. I’ll give you a full refund of your subscription fee – every cent – no matter how much money you’ve made so far.

And as if that weren’t enough… let me go another step further…

If my track record for any reason fails to hand you the opportunity for 2,200% profits in the next 12 months… I’ll work for you for FREE for another full year after that!

So how can I make such an incredible promise?

Because it’s a no-brainer.

Everything you’ve seen today is based on my actual track record.

It could mean huge dollars for you… but it’s also an EASY guarantee for me to make.

And you’ll never, ever find anything like it… anywhere else.

Here’s the thing: This Premier Member lowest price offer and 2,200% Total Profit Guarantee will only be available for a limited time.

Once it goes away, the price goes up – substantially – and you may never have this special opportunity again.

So if you’re serious about learning how to pocket at least 2,200% in total gains in the next 12 months… plus receiving thousands of dollars’ worth of group coaching, research, and recommendations I give to all my members for the very lowest price…

I suggest you act right now.

What could YOUR wealth look like one week from today?

You’ve seen why the chance to double your money in one week is my minimum expectation every time I send out a Money Call, like these recent gains…

  • A 106.9% PROFIT in three days on Palo Alto Network (PANW)…
  • A 106.1% PROFIT in three days on Alibaba Group Holding (BABA), and…
  • A 108.3% in three days on Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX).

I promise that, as early as this time next week, you’ll see that everything I’m telling you about these extraordinary Weekly Cash Clock gains is 100% TRUE…

Because the evidence could be busting out of your wallet.

Now it’s time to bring this all home – right to YOUR bottom line.

I plan on sending out another Money Call around noon on Monday, whether you take me up on this offer or not.

So by this time next Friday, you could be up to $1,000 richer no matter what the market does

Or you could keep going the way you are.

It’s totally up to you.

Let’s look at the facts one more time.

Money Calls can help you double your money every week

You only need $500 or less to answer any Money Call…

Weekly Cash Clock could easily pay for itself with the first one or two Money Calls plus continue putting thousands of dollars in your pocket every week…

This may be your only chance to become a Premier Member at a huge 60% OFF discount

And I guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to make at least 2,200% in total profits your very first year! Enough to turn a $10,000 stake into $220,000 or more…

Considering all that…

This has to be the easiest decision you’ve faced in a long time.

Money Calls really are amazing… and you don’t have to take my word for it.

All you need to do is click the button below to review all the details for yourself.

Remember, this isn’t going to take a year, a quarter, or even a month.

You could start seeing extra gains in your account by this time next Friday.

A word of warning…

By now it’s crystal clear how powerful Money Calls can be.

But you should know that they do have one limitation: Too much simultaneous activity could affect gains.

So everyone who wants to become a Weekly Cash Clock Premier Member for the chance to follow every Money Call to potentially life-changing profits may NOT be able to get in.

And this may be your ONLY invitation to join.

Plus, remember, today’s lowest ever Premier Member discount will only be available for a limited time.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to double your money with my next Monday Money Call, you really should click on the button below right now.

Or, if you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, just call 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention your Priority code: WWCKU238.

My name is Tom Gentile.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

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Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Trader
September 2017

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